Thursday, July 19, 2007

Feeling bored ,can't sleep, got a headache or feeling a bit chilly ? Fancy a shag ?

Apparently there are 237 reasons why people have sex.

The Independent on Sunday reports :

While love and attraction remain the clincher for many, for others it is about getting closer to God; gaining a promotion; revenge; or a way to get rid of a tension headache.

Some of those asked said it was a reasonably effective way of overcoming boredom or burning up calories, while a few were attracted by the idea that it kept them warm, helped them fall asleep, or eased the stress of the day.


"We identified 237 distinct reasons why people have sex," the researchers said. "The study provides perhaps the most comprehensive exploration to date of the reasons people give for having sexual intercourse. They ranged from the mundane – 'It feels good' – to the spiritual – 'I wanted to feel closer to God'. They ranged from altruistic – 'I wanted the person to feel good' to manipulative – 'I wanted to get a promotion'."

Well call me a shallow floosie, but what other reason is needed other than its the most fun you can have with or without your clothes(or fishnets) on;-)