Saturday, August 11, 2007

blogging and waffle

Not posted much of late, been busy and generally uninspired.

Not sure what to say about the foot and mouth update, much like many on the left. I mean even Punchie is waiting for a Trot vet to tell us the line.

Pootling about the Internet there are a few posts that have caught my eye, so i'll be lazy and direct you to them.

Will asks questions about the Lefts response to two attacks on ex-Muslim activists . These attacks were a response to them speaking out about Islam. I suspect the response will be silence or some sort of wussy liberal talk on the Guardian about the need for sensitivity and not offending Muslims, even from those who are best placed and most entitled to do so.

Hakmao highlights a survey that shows some pretty bloody awful attitudes to women who are raped, much along the lines of certain women are asking for it .

I have recently joined Facebook. I'm still undecided about it as a tool for the left. I do think the left needs to look at its strategies and tactics. Demos, shouting into a megaphone and paper selling have limited value. The Internet is one medium that has been, and should be , embraced by sections of the left. It has a role, though there is a danger of just arguing amongst ourselves and being cliquey. It won't go away though and does need to be used.

There is a debate on Facebook at the moment about the BNP having groups on there.I suggest having a look at Volty's post on this.

Finally a post by Dave on the social impact of Blairism. The left needs a more complex response to New Labour and this is a good start to that debate. Its not all bad and for many its quite good. To ignore this will not advance socialism or help the argument against New Labour. I am not cheer leading New Labour in the least but the reality is it IS better than Thatcher and the Tories, however small the gap.

Hopefully I'll find time and inspiration to post in the next few days !

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