Friday, August 03, 2007

Facebook ...arghhhhhhh

I have finally given in and joined Facebook!

First MarshaJane has been nagging me .Then last night I went to Tami's birthday and meal and she made an offer I couldn't refuse, if I joined she would set up the Dolls4Jim group. So I'm there, my name is stroppy bird. I have been 'poking' people. I'm not sure what that means yet but it sounds fun. Of course I am sure there are better uses of my time ,as with the blogs I get the feeling this could be addictive.

Oh and thanks Tami for a nice night. Hope you enjoyed your birthday . I gave Tami a birthday card with a picture of Jim Denham on it. Oh and a large glossy picture which Tami put on a seat set aside for him,it was as if he was there with us, in spirit(s). Tami has told me it is going on her wall. We managed to baffle her Birkbeck mates who could not understand who this Jim was and what Dolls4Jim was about. One thought Jim had really stood against Gordon Brown. I think Dave and George despaired of us.

Oh well, better see if anyone has 'poked' me over at Facebook. I only have three friends , its the school playground all over again :-(

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