Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Blogging from Scotland

Catriona Grant here from Scotland - well Edinburgh, loosing her uh hum blog virginity here, I've joined the Stroppy Bird collective on the basis I'm a bird and rather stroppy though I can be sweet too. I'm a member of the Scottish Socialist Party and currently I am the Women and Equality Policy Co-ordinator for the party. When not doing SSP stuff I am involved in Save Our Old Town (SOOT) - check out our website We are campaigning against unscrupulous developers who think it'sOK to bulldoze council housing and build a 5 star hotel, demolish listed buildings in a World Heritage Site and build as few affordable housing that they could get away with. And just in case I didn't have enough I also am the Chair of the Canongate Community Forum - trying to improve our community. It's hard having a community in a city centre in a World Heritage Site. I am a feminist and a socialist and I am gonna stick my head out here but I think I swerve on the rad fem type of feminism and I am a Marxist too. I am ina relationship with Eddie Truman - he manages . Anyway if and when I can think of anything useful, interesting or quirky, I will blog it onto Stroppy Bird to see what happens. So hope to see you soon, if that'sOK.