Saturday, July 21, 2007

BNP Scum Say Boycott Muslim Cabbies

The vile BNP is calling on residents of the Stoke area to boycott Muslim-owned taxi firms following what it describes as an attack by Muslims on a young white man.

If its account of the incident is true - and obviously, you can never trust what a bunch of neanderthal racist lying Hitler-loving wackos tell you about anything - then young Shaun really has been the victim of a nasty attack. But the BNP's pretence of support and sympathy for him is just that - a pretence. Whilst demanding that the attackers are brought to justice, they are using it as a pretext to blame Muslims in general and to explicitly encourage white people to punish a whole community for the actions of a few. Moreover, the BNP advocates boycotting taxi firms because of the (presumed) religion of their owners or drivers, obviously trying to drive a wedge between white and Asian people in the area.

Of course, they repeat one of their favourite mantras about how this would all have been handled differently if the race/religion of the attackers/victim had been the other way round. One of the first times that they used this disingenuous 'argument' was following the murder of white lad Richard Everett by Asian youths in Somers Town in 1995, conveniently ignoring the fact that there was a united response from people of all ethnic backgrounds to condemn Richard's murder and help the community. A couple of weekends ago, the Somers Town carnival took place - an annual, multi-ethnic, working-class event, which (I think) was set up in response to Richard's murder, and which is supported by (amongst others) the RMT, whose head office is in Somers Town. No sign of the BNP - their concern for the white victims of violent crime seems to have dissipated now the chance of whipping up racist hatred has passed. Not that they'd be welcome anyway.