Thursday, July 26, 2007

'Team Stroppy'

As mentioned in earlier posts, Stroppyblog now has two more Stroppy women, Janine and MarshaJane.

I quite like the idea of having a range of stroppy socialist feminist women contributing here. As Dave so charmingly put it, 'Harridan's Place'. Hmmm !!
The trouble is , socialist feminist women are thin on the ground on the blogs. There are wussy (yes,Punchie, more than even me) soft left types or rad fem types. When this blog was set up the idea was to act as a bridge between feminist and socialist ideas , particularly at a time when the left seem to be busy dropping their feminist, lesbian and gay and many other principles so easily.

MarshaJane and Janine on board is a start. I'm giving some thought to what else this blog can do. In the mean time I would like to encourage stroppy women to perhaps guest blog here. Some women may not be into having a blog or regularly posting, so this blog could serve as a platform for occasional posts from them. If that encourages them to set up their own blog all well and good.

So get in touch if you are interested.The e-mail is in the profile.