Sunday, July 22, 2007

Denham behind the wheel !!

Congratulations to Jim for passing his driving test.

Jim, that suave Cary Grant look alike , was finding the long long walk to the nearest offie a bit of a drag. Of course this is self-inflicted. The lesson is do not sign puritanical petitions ,even if asked by sweet little old ladies. Now he has to drive and that will lead to giving lifts to comrades and staying sober, as Volty puts it :

It’s an achievement that he’s already apprehensive about as he’s beginning to realise that sometimes he’ll now have to be the guy who says “not for me thanks, I’m driving” - a phrase he didn’t previously realise existed in the English lexicon. He’ll also be chauffeuring people to political events and jazz gigs before you know it.

I can picture him now, behind the wheel of a little red sports car , wearing a cravat .

Jim, pictured, before he passed his test.