Monday, August 20, 2007

A Four-Year-Old Takes A Rational Decision To Reassess Her Beliefs About God, The Universe And Everything. Not.

How bloody ridiculous is this!? A Sikh couple is offering to baptise their daughter as Roman Catholic to get her into the junior section of a primary school she already attends.

Sikh critics are upset because, they say, of the history of Sikhs being persecuted for refusing to convert to other religions in situations rather more threatening and oppressive than this one.

Of course, the whole thing just exposes the irrationality of the very concept of 'faith schools'. How in God's name (ha ha) is a four-year-old supposed to make a considered choice as to what set of superstitions, if any, she subscribes to?!

Young Maya expresses a feeling on which four-year-olds are eminently more qualified to have an opinion - she doesn't want to be separated from her friends.

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