Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Au revoir Labour Party democracy...?

Well, the union leaderships were against the radical changes to Labour Party democracy but hey, a week is a long time in politics. So guess what? The bureaucrats have capitulated.

What made them change their mind? Was it a free bag of crisps...? A year's supply of Ferrero Rocher....? A Blankety-Blank cheque book and pen? Or couple of gongs sent next-day-delivery?

Whatever it was, the union bureaucrats are now saying they have won some "major concession" where the procedures will be reviewed in two years.

Way hey... so in other words in 2 years time there will be the so-called review and probably more proposals to eradicate party democracy overall. Brown and Co. will continue the attacks and the union bureaucrats have helped to achieve this.
And what is the betting that party conference will be reduced to a rally where everything will be scripted and properly choreographed. This is the start of the death knell for LP democracy.

Being an old misery guts (it is a standard state of mind on the Left...) to say the Left is weak is an understatement. It is going to be an uphill struggle for whichever strategy you choose in terms of orientation towards the LP (inside or outside). But what is obvious, there needs to be a fight in the unions.

Grimmer Up North has a post on this as well.

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