Friday, September 28, 2007

Burma protests

I am still drying out as it was a very wet protest outside the embassy today. There was around 100+ people. We were handed red pieces of material to wear by the organisers.
A couple of Socialist Worker paper sellers, lots of Amnesty placards, ITF banners and 1 Unison banner. There may have been individual trade unionists/lefties (like myself) but presence not that visible. Nobody from the TUC I could spot.

Protest songs were song in Burmese and explanation why people are protesting worldwide.

On another point, the letter from the TUC to David Miliband states:

"The TUC therefore welcomes the Prime Minister's statement, calling for restraint by the authorities and urging the EU to warn the junta of tougher sanctions were it to choose repression instead. We agree that the situation requires immediate international action and a strong position from the UN Security Council."

What kind of "immediate international action"? What kind of sanctions..? And what is meant by "strong position from the UN Security Council"?

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