Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Ian Dale top 100 leftie blogs...

Well, here's the list everyone has been waiting for (slight exaggeration probably... more of a case of who cares and Dale is a Tory afterall).

Anyway, muzak maestro....

Way hey.....Stroppyblog confidently strides in clad in fishnets and attitude as a new entry at 77.

Shiraz Socialist is a new entry at 35. Good to see Unison comrade Jon Rogers on the list at 45.

Plus the union blog Tigmoo coming in at a respectable 44.

Mike's Little Red Page is a new entry at 90. Oh, and Dave Osler's blog is in the top ten.

Anyway, lists are subjective and based on taste, aren't they? And there has been complaints that there aren't many blogs from outside Labour.

Dunno what else to say 'cept.....Congratulations, comrades?

PS: Well done to Susan (Grimmer Up North) who entered the list at 33.