Saturday, September 22, 2007

Off to Paris

Just a quick post to say I will be gone for a week. I'm off to Paris with Dave.

I have been promised romantic moonlight strolls by the Seine, culture , pootling between bars and coffee shops...and if I am really really lucky a night out with some French Trots. The selling point apparently is the men are more dashing and handsome than Denham. Pah, don't believe that. Seems whenever we go away we fit in a piss up with some lefties and the sad thing is its my idea of fun as well.

Talking of fun, a quick reminder that the next leftie bloggers piss up is on Saturday 6th October. 4pm onwards at the Euston Flyer, opposite Euston Station in London.

Meanwhile I'm sure there will be posts here from the other Stroppybloggers and I might post from Paris.

Anyway, back to the packing...