Thursday, September 20, 2007

Freedom of speech ?

Couple of blogs have this you tube of a student being tasered.

I watched it and was shocked. OK, perhaps that is naive, but this guy was not threatening in an way,it was just some awkward questions. He may have gone on or been annoying, but that did not justify in anyway the response.
As Liam points out on his blog :

When I was at university politicians, particularly the Unionist ones, expected their meetings to be rowdy with some mild violence of the pushing, shoving, egg and chair throwing sort.

No one was throwing anything , it was just some awkward guy .He may have been annoying but pretty sure that isn't a public order offence !

It was not so much the American police heavy handedness that shocked, nor Kerry standing by, it was the reaction of the rest of the audience.No one seemed that bothered that the supposed American freedom of speech was being stamped upon and silenced. Initially a few people cheered and it was only when the guy cried out whilst being tasered that a few people objected . Why didn't people stand up and do something ? This was a hall full of students and they stayed glued to their seats. Would this level of apathy happen here at a University ? I would hope not.
Its a far cry from the student radicalism of the past in the US.

Still, if the Labour Party can allow the manhandling of an elderly man who heckles, why should I be shocked by anything really. Tasers at conference ?

Hat tip : Liam and John A.

John A in the comments says it was a private security form employed by the university. So tasers in the hands of people with even less accountability .