Saturday, September 29, 2007

Lowering the tone...

I am suffering from brain exhaustion so can't think of anything of great political substance to write so trying to overcome this disorder I was flicking through today's Guardian Guide and came across this website. I am addicted, as a boring movie geek, to the Internet Movie Data Base (INMb) so this kinda fascinated me. Who's Dated Who in Hollywood is pretty much what it says on the tin.

The sexual shenanigans of Hollywood movie stars (past and present) and have been spending my rainy Saturday afternoon gawping voyeuristically at a kind of sexual 6-degrees of Kevin Bacon (he too is on there). It is tacky, eye fodder, and very Channel 5 but hey it's fun! I am addicted already... I mean, Drew Barrymore and Courtney Love. Zsa Zsa Gabor...where did she get the time...? And no wonder JFK had a bad back. Sheesh!

You could use this template to come up with "Who's dated Who on the Left".... Yes, it will be based on gossip and innuendo with a tiny, tiny, smidgen of truth. And from my own experience, the Left is so darn gossipy. If the editors of Weekly Worker are reading this, you know this is a runner. I mean, you are not called "Worker's Hello" for nowt. I can just envision Jack Conrad as in house "agony uncle" or the intrepid Eddie Ford sniffing out gossip for his "after the pub closes" column (or whatever "chucking out" time is now..).
Here's another idea, who needs Soulmates (Guardian's lonely hearts page) when the WW could have Comrades In Need of A Shag section. You can find the One(s) by separating the wheat from the chaff, or should that be separating the degenerated from the state caps? Or vice versa.
Anyway, the potential is there to find a comrade-in-arms who finds talking dirty kinky and sexy (when I say "talking dirty" I mean quoting great chunks from Lenin and Trotsky), or discussing the intricacies of sugar production in Cuba floats your boat or maybe discovering someone else out there in Trot land has also read all of the back copies of Intercontinental Press. The potential is great for hooking up comrades with specific tastes....
C'mon you know it makes sense, comrades!!
Anyway, back to my fix of Hollywood gossip. Hopefully, normal service will resume and I will write something intelligent soon. Oh hum......

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