Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Abortion: it is all about moral degeneracy...apparently

I attended the counter-demonstration today. Got there for 9am and nobody else was there except.......for the anti-abortionists. The anti-abortionists have changed tactics and had a makeover (all superficial and skin-deep as their message is still about controlling womens bodies). They used to be male carrying the usual placards with pics of aborted fetuses and waving plastic fetuses yelling misogynistic crap like, "whores like you support wholesale murder".... (ah, fond memories). Not this time, 20+ young women wearing white sashes with the slogan..."Women deserve better than abortion".. Like what? Less control on their bodies? Back to backstreets and wire coathangers? What exactly do women "deserve"?

Seems like the anti-abortion lobby is trying to change its image by playing to women by being all cuddly and friendly. But we know it is rubbish and they just want to destroy the already limited choices women have...
They represented Alive and Kicking and though they appeared slick and organised operation the arguments are still the same: eroding abortion rights for women.
Unfortunately, there was only me, counter-demo of one and Mikey (from SYN) turned up later so that made 2. And Mikey created some DIY placards (see pics...). A true lifesaver!

But the old style anti-abortionists raised their collective ugly heads Precious Life (Jim Dowson's mob) as two of the faithful stood away from the other "respectable" anti-abortionists (see pics). One passer by had an argument with them telling them, "How dare you tell a woman how to control her body"... I agreed with the passer-by and was yelled at by them. They recycled the same lies about abortion. If he was so pro-life then why did he support capital punishment? Silence! I then asked their views on childcare provision. Silence! Thought so...

Then the bloke spoke about too much sex education being taught in schools that is leading to STDs and abortion, "total moral degeneracy".....he yelled!
I am hoping that more pro-choicers will be attending tomorrow from 9am onwards as we have nothing to be complacent about as the anti-abortionists will always be pushing for changes in the law. Organised and slick. We have the arguments and the public support on the side of choice but we can't sit on our laurels we have still got to confront them and their arguments.

No return to the backstreets: A woman's right to choose.....
(I have put some more pics on FaceBook)