Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sexy spies are back......

Iran, peace deals, MI5, kidnappings, mercenaries, bombings, double-dealings, vaccines, explosions, stunts, biological warfare, more mercenaries ......more stunts, cuddly teddy bear and a partridge in a pear tree

Yep, series 6 of Spooks kicked off and what a spectacular opening episode. It has ditched the compact storylines and has gone all 24 where the story will be developed over the coming weeks.

Adam (coming all over Kiefer Sutherland), Harry, and Ros (who is shagging Adam) are all back having survived the final episode of the previous season and now a deadly virus is on the verge of gripping London (and the numbers of infected people is rising) where our glossy super sexy leather-clad spies have to:

1. find the man infected with the nasty

2. find a vaccine

3. find their co-spy, Zaf who has been kidnapped by some nasty mercenaries

4. who is behind this dastardly plot.....(now dear reader, lets have bets on who are the "baddies"? CIA, rogue MI5, MI6.....Denmark, the CPGB....who knows?).

Cripes! Gripping stuff. Lets hope there is some classy liberal-leftie writing from the likes of Howard Brenton (one can only hope)

And they have only a couple of hours to save the cheerleader, save the world. Well, something very much similar, you get my drift......