Saturday, October 13, 2007

Cameron - “Look at me and think of Schwarzenegger”

Brown may no longer be enjoying his bounce, but Cameron is still trying on images and not yet convincing. Now he's gone all Terminator,off down the hood in La La land to meet Governor Arnie .

He starts off praising , or is that fawning over, the US in a way that almost surpasses Blair's brown nosing :

“But we should be the best friends [with America] rather than the newest friends. Clearly we’re the junior partner. But a best friend tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.”

Then off to meet Arnie. They didn't compare toothpaste but did bond over their favourite DVDs:

Arnie presented Mr Cameron with his 12 favourite DVDs, including High Noon, The Godfather and Lawrence of Arabia. “They’re all at the top of my list, too,” said Cameron.

He then :

was introduced by an anxious charity worker to a room of heavily tattooed Hispanic and black Americans. “This is David,” she said. “And he’s from England.”

meeting :

Deseiriee Anderson, 27, from South Los Angeles, whose brother is serving a 25 year-to-life sentence for a gang crime. “I’m here to learn computer skills,” she said, as the Opposition leader sat on the edge of her desk , “and to get my gang tattoos removed.”

Something to talk about at the next Notting Hill dinner party .

But it wasn't all slumming it :

He spent his first night at the Mondrian Hotel, the celebrity nightspot where Britney Spears was recently observed in less than happy circumstances. Amid the Lamborghinis, the parking valets and the poolside revelry of the Sky Bar (with its provocatively dressed waitresses), Mr Cameron must have cut a rather unlikely figure.

Even then he made sure he was down with the 'Heat' constituents :

Then again, he appears to have found new appreciation for popular culture. “I was watching telly in bed the other night and I started to watch a Channel 5 documentary on Britney, and it was captivating,” he said.

Most bizarre comment though was :

“Look at me and think of Schwarzenegger”

Nope, see a old Etonian tosser coming over all Ali G .

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