Monday, October 08, 2007

The blonde bombshell Widdecombe is stepping down at the next election....hooray!

It seems, according to Channel 4 news, that god squader virginal anti-abortionist blonde bombshell, Doris Kar.....opps, sorry, I mean, Ann Widdecombe is stepping down and won't be contesting Maidstone and the Weald at the next election.

Oh yes, the woman who believed that handcuffing pregnant women prisoners was absolutely fine. She probably wants to spend more time lecturing, moralising and harassing sex workers and the unemployed and anyone else she doesn't approve of. And why the hell the Guardian thought it wise to make this so-called no-nonsense bully as an agony aunt is beyond me.

But she does seem happier than the proverbial pig in excrement regarding her telly appearances from advertising fresh pasta, losing weight Celebrity Fit Club style, a bit part on Dr Who (where she supports a megalomaniac who wants to rule the world....nowt new there for Ann)....

Good riddance to the Tory tosser...