Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Back from Paris

Back to reality, or at least my version, after 8 nights in Paris . I'm just acclimatising myself to being home.

Paris was fun. We stayed in a studio apartment in the Bastille district and pootled around imagining we really lived there.
Generally drank far too much. In fact over the whole holiday there was not one day that I was legally able, if I so wished, to be in charge of a car. Probably not really in charge of myself, but hey whats new;-)
Still , we were restrained and did not start on the red wine till midday. Managed to mix my drinks , something I try to avoid. Developed quite a taste for cognac, calvados and brandy, plus I found a stronger proof jack daniels that was rather good.
But there was some culture as well , did some walks and galleries .

Of course when I set off on my hols I went with Dave and returned with the 93rd most influential leftie .He returned from the Internet cafe informing me of this and declaring 'hey baby how'd you like to ...of the 93rd most influential leftie in Britain.'
I won't repeat what he suggested I do to show my appreciation of being in the presence of 'number 93,' I know my readers are prim sensitive types and I am ladylike and demure ;-)

On the Friday we pootled down to the Eiffel Tower as we heard there was a show there with unsigned bands and Siouxsie playing solo and promoting her new album. When we got there we were told at the ticket desk it was invite only. Luckily one of the organisers was passing and asked us where we were from. Dave managed to blag his way in with his old punk routine . The gig was on the first level of the Eiffel Tower in a smallish room with about 200 people, Oh and a free bar. So after a day drinking red wine and too much cognac I headed over to start on the free champers, then voddie when that ran out. I finally ended up with a bottle that looked interesting but turned out to be coke, still not bad for a freebie night out in Paris.

Only saw one of the new bands who were not bad but I didn't catch who they were. Siouxsie was pretty stroppy and showed there is no need to age gracefully at 50 !
I managed to film a clip and add it to you tube. Its not great but it is the first time I have done it.

Oh and the highlight, going to the Fourth International Bookshop !! Yep, Osler knows how to show a girl a good time :-)Trouble is my French is rusty and not up to reading books. I pottered about trying to work out the titles and looked at the books and papers in English,and what did I find but an article by Jim Denham in a 1999 copy of Workers Liberty . And no I did not buy it.

The next couple of days are alcohol free. I may act like an irresponsible teenager, having drinking competitions with Dave in Paris, but I think I need a rest before the bloggers piss up on Saturday.

I'll finish catching up and perhaps do some posts in the next few days .