Saturday, October 06, 2007

More drunk and umanageable goings on...hopefully

Been really lazy about posting. This partly due to the usual fed upness coming back to the real world after going away . Its also due to pissed off ness with all the usual bickering on the left .I'll get back to posting, rather than gossiping, soon!!

Oh well. off to the bloggers piss up. Volty can't make it so apparently I am in charge of both Mike R and Denham. I have to watch Denham's 'fucking bag', make sure he has plenty of scotch and generally boss him around (he likes women doing that I believe :-) ). Volty has given me my instructions and I am sure I am up to the task of keeping control of Denham, though Mike is an entirely tougher proposition .

Just as well I happy to like weird leftie men ...yes really Punchie ;-)

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