Sunday, October 07, 2007

Godless drunken revelry

Well I was going to write a very serious political post, but sod it. Apparently, according to Denham, Stroppyblog is not a serious political blog apart from when Janine posts. Or words to that effect. Hmmm. I hold grudges almost as long as Will !!

So on with the gossip.

Last night was another leftie bloggers piss up. The roll of dishonour included Dave, Kit, Mike, Denham, Jon, George, Tami, Marsha Jane, Louise, Tony (Louise's other half), John A and Noel. Noel is a newbie at the piss ups , but I think he survived and was most welcome. I think I have missed someone !!

I was supposed to watch Denham's bag and make sure he had plenty of scotch. In the end it was me who lost my 'fucking bag' and Denham had to find it. Oh and he kept me well supplied with JDs, so he is slightly forgiven for his slur on the good name of Stroppyblog. But not quite.

I have to admit I didn't engage in much serious political discussion. In fact I think I helped lower the tone even further, if possible.

John A was there with a slightly shorter beard. John, it has to go. Or should I say the Reverend John Angliss. My prediction is he will make a nice leftie trendy vicar in a few years. This is based purely on his beard , he sort of has the look,and now with a mullet and hippie shirt. I offered to do a stroppy version of Trinny and Susannah. I also offered to shave the beard, but he was understandably a little wary as I had had a few by then.

There was a discussion as to whether Jim is more Father Jack, Cary Grant , George Saunders or Leslie Phillips. By this stage I was determined, in my drunken state, to get him to say 'Ding Dong' as I filmed him on my phone. For those young uns it was a catchphrase of the caddish Leslie Phillips. Denham refused until I blackmailed him, saying I would put on the blog what he said about being spanked by a certain dodgy person. Blackmail he cried and then gave in. Don't worry, it won't go on youtube ;-)There is a poll on the sidebar to guess who Denham wants to be spanked by. And in case people think this is more of my disturbed imagination Volty can corroborate that he has confessed this before.

Another highlight was pictures taken of Louise and Denham cosying up together. Think he might have been trying to recruit :-) Louise, its a slippery slope, you know Dolls4Jim is just a front organisation.

Anyway I believe there was much sensible talk in amongst the nonsense . Unlike me, I did not stay to the very end and go to the restaurant ,sort of wandered of, well OK stropped off and then mislaid Osler ! Wandered round Kings Cross on a Saturday night in my fishnets, not a good idea ,but eventually found a taxi and got home.

Anyway it was good to see everyone , old and new. Volty, you missed a good time!!

Oh and this morning I was on the bendy bus from Dalston to London Bridge and there was this whack job religious woman preaching loudly the whole journey . Arghhh.I'm looking at the photos on the phone from the night before and I hear her say that the trouble was that people were enjoying godless drunken revelry without the fear of God.

Yep,godless drunken revelry and she says that like its a bad thing, better than inflicting earache on people on buses ;-)