Sunday, January 13, 2008

Scotland's Hidden Cultural Heritage - The Common Good

Don't know what the equivalent is in England and Wales but in Scotland we have the Common Good, Common Good land and property is land and property given to the people by rich people, lords, ladies, won inn battle, left in wills or just there for the people. The word Market, Links, Green is usually a key to it. Effectively it is land and property owned by the people and shouls be stewarded by local authorities to ensure it is used effectively.

Unfortunately it isn't - there is a petition here into the Scottish Parliament about its stewardship, some people including myself are calling for better legislation to protect our common wealth.

What is the equivalent in Englandshire and Wales?

Andy Wightman has written lots about it in Scotland in a book called Who Owns Scotland here

We are having a Common Good day on Saturday 26th January at the Pearce Institute here - which looks interesting.

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