Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Swearing allegiance to the Queen

I have noticed of late Brown sucking up more and more to the Royal family. He did it recently with Prince Harry and Afghanistan :

The prime minister said: "The whole of Britain will be proud of the outstanding service he is giving."

Err, no .

His fawning to royalty is very like Blair's with his 'people's princess' gush.

So I expect he will like this idea :

School-leavers are to be encouraged to swear an oath of allegiance to the Queen under new government proposals being unveiled on British citizenship.
Pupils would give a commitment to Queen and country in ceremonies akin to those for new immigrants.

The proposals are contained in a review of citizenship conducted by the former attorney general Lord Goldsmith at the request of Gordon Brown.

He believes that citizenship ceremonies for teenagers would help improve their sense of what it means to be a British citizen.

Why should anyone, born or moved here, have to swear allegiance to the Monarch ? Someone who owes their position of privilege solely to an accident of birth, who we have no choice over. Yep, lets drum subservience and respect for our 'betters' into kids . The Tories have always fallen back on a war, a royal wedding or birth and drumming up jingoism to detract from the reality of life for people and New Labour are certainly not above the same tactics.

Also, and correct me if I'm wrong, but all this talk of citizens, aren't we still 'subjects' ? Surely we should be changing that,not further embedding the position of privilege ?

But on a positive note :-) :

Under laws dating back more than 600 years crimes include plotting to kill the sovereign, "violating" the king's wife, eldest unmarried daughter or eldest son's wife and helping the sovereign's enemies.

A detect a note of disappointment in the Daily Mail:

Legal experts doubt whether a successful treason prosecution could be brought now.

None of the men said to have slept with Princess Diana have ever been prosecuted, even though they could in theory have been sentenced to death for any such encounters prior to her divorce from Prince Charles.
The maximum punishment for treason is now life imprisonment.

pic: a different type of queen.

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