Monday, April 28, 2008

Consumer Interlude

OK, so it's not a great thought-provoking political essay, but if you can't sound off about life's frustrations on your blog, then where can you? I even seem to remember 'serious political blogster' Dave Osler wittering on about toasters during some festive season or other.

Anyway, BT have really quite pissed me off. Here is my email to them which explains the problem ...

I received a leaflet with my BT Vision package telling me that the Brother HL2170W would cost me £134.99 rather than £161.99 if I bought it through

I've just visited that page, but can not find any such reduction.

Can I buy it at the lower price or not? This will probably determine whether I buy it at all.

... to which I received this very helpful (not) reply ...

Thank you for your email.

We aim to price as competitively as possible across our product range, and regularly discount products wherever possible. Sometimes we may not always be able to compete with some on-line retailers, who may be taking short term price action to clear stock for example, and who are not themselves re-investing in research and bringing the best possible products to market to meet our customers needs

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

... forcing me to send this ...

Sorry, but could you actually answer my question?!

Can I buy the product at the discounted rate or not?

... to which BT replied ...

It seems that this price has now changed so we can only apologise for this and advise that this is not available at the discounted rate.

What a load of rubbish. Look, I know that capitalism's not fair and everything, but does anyone know whether it is actually illegal to advertise something at a discounted price then charge the full price? I have a thirst for justice.