Monday, June 16, 2008

Quick catch up on Compass and Hopi

I'm not at my laptop for a few days, so just a quick post. I went to Compass on Saturday and popped into the Hopi social. Its the sort of opposite of having a shower when feeling a bit grubby, after a day with clean cut Compassites I needed a night in the pub with stroppy lefties . Oh and gossip of course. Now what was that... something about popular fronts, TWags and initiation rites into the CPGB involving chocolate digestives ...

I wanted to do a report back but don't have time today. I'll do one, though a bit out of date by then, on Thursday. Meanwhile check out two posts, one a report and another looking wider at social democracy.

Meanwhile Jim has a good report of the Hopi weekend . I would have liked to have attended but due to a clash and having to get home on the Sunday I couldn't.
Jim highlights the nature of the debate :

One welcome element of the school was the utter civility and open mindedness of debate. I know this is not necessarily prized as a virtue among much of the left but for me I find it very helpful if I'm to be involved in anything. Despite the fact that there were some quite pronounced political disagreements among the participants the debate was always conducted in a thoughtful and respectful manner, and never along party lines or for point scoring. It's almost as if participants were listening and engaging with what each other had to say - unheard of!

That was very much my impression when I attended their event last year.

Check out the rest of at Jim's blog.

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