Thursday, July 03, 2008

Will Rubbish and revolutionary romps !!

Here at Stroppyblog there have been many discussions about sex and socialism. The sex survey showed we can be as kinky as the Tories ...yep read that Weekly Worker to me baby. Theory as foreplay does it for the comrades as it seems does nuns with guns, Ruth Kelly in bondage gear and reading trade union rule books .

So it only seems right to welcome Will's foray into porn...oooh and in a geordie accent as well. When I met Will I kept asking him to call me Pet, as I polished off a bottle of JD this turned to 'yer doing ma heed in woman' .

Anyway, given all that I'm pleased to announce Will has set up his own Porn section on DSTFW!!

He is promising :

OK - The Drink Soaked Trots are proud to announce their new porn section. Just watch our Google ads income soar as we copy page 3, starting with a topless shot of our own Gadgie – a big man in more ways than one, wink, wink. There will be a range of erotic posts from our regular writers such as Beaver Boy and Shaggy the Scottish dwarf.

Then there is our new saucy tales feature… That section is blank at the moment but hang on in there - you never know…

No. 1 Revolutionary Romps:

Fiona McPosh always felt drawn to the man with the deep, sensitive camel eyes. “Tell me once more how you would eliminate the bourgeoisie”, she lisped suggestively. “Why aye man, I’ll shoot all the fuckers in the heed”, he replied firmly. She moistened, burning with passion deep inside. Her nipples tightened against her flimsy night attire as he scratched his manhood in a suggestive manner. Surely now was the moment to reveal … (to be continued)

I'm sure some of this blog's readers can contribute !

Will, you're pure class man .

Hat tip : Volty.