Saturday, August 30, 2008

Support Eurostar Cleaners

I mentioned recently the victory by Tube cleaners in securing better wages (more details here). RMT cleaners are also fighting back on the 'big trains' too, and ask for your help in supporting those who clean Eurostar. Please read the appeal from the union's Euro Passenger Services branch secretary below, and take a few minutes to send off the email that he suggests.


The Eurostar/OCS campaign cleaners pay campaign has had two actions this week. A solid 24 hour strike on Monday and a lobby of the OCS corporate stand at the international cricket match at the Oval today. We will be announcing more strike action and protests shortly.

In the meantime, the EPS branch and the cleaners in dispute would be very grateful if members and activists would keep up the pressure on Eurostar to fund the London Living Wage by emailing the Eurostar Chief Executive directly. Eurostar proclaims its green credentials through its Tread Lightly campaign, but the cleaners are on poverty pay with no other conditions above statutory minima.

We have provided a model email attached for you to use, but please feel free to devise your own (no abuse please at this stage). Please take the time (less than a minute) to send the email to Richard Brown.

Our suggested text is:

Dear Mr Brown,

I am extremely disappointed to learn that the cleaners on the Eurostar service are currently paid more than £1 per hour less than the London Living Wage. I hope that you agree that in order for Eurostar to maintain its image as a progressive and ethical organisation it must ensure that everybody working on the Eurostar service is at least paid at the hourly rate of the London Living Wage.

The image and reputation of Eurostar is damaged by the double standard of having a Tread Lightly campaign on the environment, while exploiting cleaners through low pay and poor conditions.

I do hope that your company will take the necessary steps to ensure that it looks after the people working on the service as well as those which have been taken in caring for the environment. I urge you to take the necessary measures to eliminate the poverty pay currently endured by the cleaners at Eurostar.

Yours sincerely,

Simply copy and paste the text into a fresh email and send to him direct. Please also forward this to all of your contacts and encourage them to do the same.


Michael Lynch
EPS Branch RMT