Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Well doesn't look like the world has ended after all...

Yep , still here after all the nonsense.

Inspired by a post on Shiraz, what would you do if the world was about to end? What music would you want playing, what would you eat , where would you be and who with, doing what?

I'll start.

Well if it had of been this week I'd wanted to be wrapped up in a duvet, wearing my best DMs and fishnets with Dave and my cats cuddled up. I'd be eating chocolate and very drunk on JD (well sod being healthy in my last few hours). I'd probably be playing loud punk or rock. It would include The Clash, Iggy Pop, Pixies, Velvet Underground and the Sex Pistols.

If it was at a time when I didn't have cats I'd be doing all the above but on a very remote beach somewhere looking out at crashing waves and a greying sky. Or perhaps I could get the cats to sit and watch with me?

Then of course I'd find out God did exist and my hell would be a eternity with some of the most annoying commentators and bloggers arguing for ever about David Broder/AWL/Iran ...