Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sometimes its hard to be a woman

Right! Tomorrow I am a witness at a civil partnership and I am really excited about it but I have spent the past x amount of hours doing stuff in order to look nice tomorrow - this has included shaving my legs, then putting false tan on, dying my hair, exfoliating my skin, putting a face mask on, putting false nails on, painting my toe nails then tomorrow I will go to the hairdresser, put false eye lashes on, then lots of make up, teeter about in silver high heel shoes, put a fastenator in my hair wear an uncomfortable bra, have a fancy dress on - I have already asked Eddie to decide what hand bag! And what has Eddie done - ironed a shirt and gone to the barbers.

How did such inequality happen -why do women do it? Is it self expression or self oppression?