Monday, September 08, 2008

When the wind falls

Windfall tax - what's all that about then?!

Obviously, Brown's refusal to levy said windfall tax on the fat-cat energy companies and their whopping profits is because of his resolute unwillingness to do even the smallest thing to upset even the most unpopular, money-grabbing, rubbish capitalists around. It's yet another sign that he governs for the ruling class not the working class - though anyone who hasn't noticed that yet is probably immune to signs even were they ten square metres of flashing neon parked two centimetres in front of your nose.

But the cheerleaders of the windfall tax argue that its revenue should be used to help poor people pay their fuel bills. Excuse me, but doesn't that just mean putting the dosh straight back into the trousers of the energy companies?! Or am I missing something here?

The saddest thing about this whole 'row' is that the bloody obvious answer is apparently not even on the radar. Look, if the government wants to get its hands on the private energy companies' wodge, then take them into public ownership.