Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The correct attire for blogging

Inspired by Janine talking about naked blogging , I pondered on the readers of this blog whilst avoiding more pressing but less disturbing tasks.

Yeah, look away now Punchie, this is a 'lifestyle' post ;-)

I personally never go near the blogs unless wearing ripped fishnets, DMs and red lipstick, one has standards of sorts however low.

So what of others ?

as we know is a suave Terry Thomas look a like , sitting in front of his computer in a smoking jacket , with a glass (OK, a bottle) of whiskey and a fine cigar .

I imagine Mod dressed as a garden gnome like his picture. Duff I see wearing tweeds.

Imagining people naked is supposed to be good to calm nerves when speaking in public. I wonder what effect imagining bloggers in their pyjamas and slippers would have; how seriously could we take Punchie wearing his specially made pyjamas with a little AK47 motif . Hmmm