Saturday, April 25, 2009

Up The Posh!

As a lifelong follower of Peterborough United, please indulge me while I record my delight that the lads have achieved promotion for the second successive season!

OK, so I don't go to the match as often as I used to (most home games as a teenager, many away games since departing Peterborough a quarter-century ago), but I'm still over the moon. Follow a team like the 'Borough and success doesn't come as often as it does for the likes of Chelsea or Manchester United, but that just makes it taste more sweet when it does come.

Mind you, the big-money-domination that has steadily aleinated me from footie in general has now got its claws into the Posh, and it is horrible to admit that we might still be languishing in the nether reaches of league football were it not for the dosh of owner Darragh MacAnthony, chairman of MRI Overseas Property. Let's put today's success down to manager Darren Ferguson and his talented team instead.