Sunday, June 07, 2009

European Elections

I'm afraid there won't be any live cat blogging on the results tonight, I'm at Dave's and no cats ...but he has bought mint Baileys and Jack Daniels (my other favourite JD after Jim D!). I have no idea why mint Baileys, but I think vast quantities of alcohol may be needed if we see the election of any BNP MEPs.

I may or may not post, depending if I am still able to master the keyboard .

Do please leave your thoughts here as the night progresses.

Its bloody scary the thought of the BNP making gains and the legitimacy and funding that will ensue if they have one or more MEPs.

The left , both inside and outside, should be getting its message across in what should be a sympathetic climate.

Outside the left should have a more united response and not stand against each other and certainly not play the nationalist card like No2EU.

Inside the Labour Party we should be pushing the need for a policy debate, challenge the focus on personalities and the bickering between Blairites and Brownites .

The issue is not about a new leader, a change , its about policy . Johnson, or any other New labour hack won't save the Party from electoral defeat . They won't unite the Party. We had all that with the Brown we need ground hog day until we wake up and see Cameron in no 10?

I'm not even talking about anything really radical, but even a shift towards a Compassite Social Democracy would be a start. And yeah, we do also need a strong left of labour alliance to fight for more socialist policies, but id rather that done under a wussy reformist Labour Party than the Tories. Been there and done that and really don't want to go all back to the 80s thanks.

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