Sunday, June 07, 2009


I feel sick to the stomach. Fuck fuck fuck.

I remember in the 1980s the NF. I remember them where I lived in SE London and one night , late, hiding down a side road as a gang of them walked by. My partner at the time didn't exactly look white and we were students, targets. BUT they were not elected. They were thugs, but not elected.I remember the fear I felt.

Now the BNP have council seats, a GLA seat and a MEP.

This gives them air time and a gloss of respectability.

The left really needs to get its act together and grow up. We should be gaining ground, instead the far right are making the gains .

We need to fight them . But not with cliched slogans . Its not enough to shout Nazi. We need to expose what they stand for , but we need to argue what we positively stand for. We need to offer an alternative .We need to move on from talking and arguing amongst ourselves.

Its not about in or out of the Labour Party. Its not about point scoring and was the Soviet Union State Capitalist. While we have bickered the BNP have made gains. We are on the back foot and need to get our act together.