Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cat's five word post


I love Edinburgh. I live right in the middle of it, actually on the Royal Mile in the part called Canongate. I am involved in Save Our Old Town - check out www.independentrepublicofthe and

Edinburgh sadly has too many tourists and a crap council. Recently we had a horrible display of the "Homecoming Gathering," organised by the Scottish Government and Tourist Scotland - lots of Americans, New Zealanders, Canadians and Australians being faux clan members. It was called the "Biggest gathering of the clans in 200 years." Yeah like since being deported maybe or since Culloden!!! It struck me that this was ethnic nationalism and it really creeped me out - many of my neighbours commented on this too. First, nationalism is wrong, weird and creepy . Now I understand why the Brit Left get worried about Scottish nationalism ,but they are worried about the wrong sort. Oh I bet I cause a stooshy about that!!!

Anyway if anyone ever comes to Edinburgh get in touch and I will do you a non-tourist tour.

Can't bear to discuss the tram fiasco and the road works and the bin men are working to rule due to job evaluation and not getting their over time payments so Edinburgh is going to rack and ruin.


Me - I am a hard core feminist. I would describe myself as a Radical Marxist Feminist. I am in a battle against male hegemony and misogyny and not prepared to wait until socialism, I recognise the patriarchy but I think its class society not just men, Its a bit lame to blame men for class relations really. I have a male lover - Mr Eddie Truman and shave my legs (though only when I can be bothered). I campaign for a women's right to choose, against raunch culture and violence against women. I am against prostitution and see it as harmful towards women. But just to be clear I am under no illusion that women's oppression can disappear without doing away with class oppression, however not willing to let men off with oppressing women in the mean time.


Just come back from China and Mongolia and I was a Mongolian warrior in a past life!! I love travelling, though with global warming probably quite an anti social thing to do!! I am lucky and been to many lands and experienced different cultures. Me and my mum went to live in South Africa when I was 11. She was probably the only white house keeper in the whole of Africa!! Will do blog about China and Mongolia later.


Was brought up as a socialist and a feminist by my mum and grandad. Two always been together. My grandad was in the Communist Party until 1956. Currently in the Scottish Socialist Party and before that Scottish Militant Labour. Never really been a Trotskyist though admire Leon Trotsky, been to see his house in Mexico but hate his book The History of the Russian Revolution, bits of it don't make any sense. He makes no real explanation about why women went on strike for International Women's Day in February 1917!

My socialism is being active in your community and have always been so and my workplace but I am resting from being a shop steward just now. Also being true to your self and community -don't be a hypocrite and my fav socialist quote is "each according to their ability, each according to their need".


I love cakes - best cakes from the co-op, lemon cupcakes. I also love scones and walnut cake but a danish pastry or bakewell tart does not go a miss. Presently trying not to eat too many cakes just now in order not to look like someone who really eats cakes all the time. I also bake cakes - fairy cakes, banana bread, scones and mufins.

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