Friday, August 28, 2009

'Guilty and Proud of it': latest book news

Thank you to Christine Shawcroft, herself a former Poplar councillor, who has written an enthusiastic and praise-ful review of my book in Labour Briefing. I can't provide a link, as Briefing appears not to have a functioning website at present (someone please correct me if I am wrong), but Christine's final sentence is both highly complimentary and shows that she really gets the point of 'Guilty and Proud of it': This whole book is a magnificent rebuttal of the excuse that the old fights are somehow no longer relevant to us, or that the old battles have now been won.

A very nice chap by the name of John Leach - apparently the President of RMT - has posted an excellent review on Amazon.

Left-Wing Criminologist gives qualified praise, prompting a discussion in the comments box between him/her and me, covering - amongst other things - to what extent Militant's leadership of Liverpool City Council in the 1980s is comparable to the Poplar struggle of the 1920s.

The Hackney Gazette published a rather sweet article about my stoicism in writing a book while recovering from losing my eye. The article in the printed paper is longer than the linked article on the website, and it does cover the politics as well as the personal angle!

Forthcoming talks/presentations by my good self about the Poplar rates rebellion include:
  • Sunday 13 September, 7pm: Hackney Solidarity Network film night, MOTH club, Valette Street, Hackney
  • Wednesday 21 October, 8pm: Radical History Network meeting, North London Community House: 22 Moorfield Road, London N17 (just around the corner from Bruce Grove British Rail Station, where Bruce Grove meets the High Road in Tottenham).
  • Thursday 22 October, 7pm: Pages of Hackney bookshop, Lower Clapton Road