Friday, September 04, 2009

Friday Fuckwit - Mayor of Doncaster

Yep, apparently we could all learn from the Taliban :

Peter Davies, who has made it his personal mission to rid Doncaster of political correctness, said that under the Taliban, Afghanistan had an "ordered system of family life".

By contrast he said social policies which disregarded the importance of the traditional family had "created mayhem" in Britain.

Under the Taliban, women were banned from working outside the home, studying in schools or universities, from talking to men who were not family members, and from wearing cosmetics, high heels, or clothes made in "sexually attracting colours".

They were stoned to death if caught having sex outside marriage, and whipped for not covering their ankles in public or being unaccompanied by a suitable male relative in public.

Despite these shortcomings – which Amnesty International concluded "virtually confined women to the home" – Mr Davies said the Taliban's rule did have some advantages.

WTF, it is like saying the trains ran on time under the Nazi's, so lets not worry about concentration camps. Sometimes a regime is so oppressive that nothing can be added to the equation as an 'advantage.'

But what does the Mayor consider makes up for girls and women living as less than second class citizens, where they risk physical attacks or death by going to school or clawing back the bare minimum of control of their own lives and bodies:

He said: "The one thing to be said about the Taliban is that they do have an ordered society of some sort and that they don't have hundreds of cases of children under threat of abuse from violent parents, as we have in Doncaster."

Err, women and girls DO face abuse . It is abuse to treat them as the Taliban does , to be controlled through violence by men , including their fathers.

Of course he doesn't like the Taliban, but :

He stressed that he "detested" the Taliban, but added: "The point I was making was that even a regime as hideous as the Taliban at least appear to have sort of decent sort of family affairs. In fact probably...they have an ordered society.

"We in this country have created mayhem through lax social policies of disregard for marriage and the family and we have created mayhem in society."

Now before some of you get your knickers in a twist and say that I'm supporting the invasion of Afghanistan, think the situation is great for women etc etc , I'm not. I'm talking about the Taliban because that is what the nasty little fuckwit in Doncaster is talking about. I'm addressing his points , its not a post about the general oppressive way women are treated , whether by the Karzai administration or the Taliban. Clear?

Here are some posts that look at how women are not better off under the invasion.

Anyway, this man is a fuckwit. See here for a campaign against him.

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