Friday, October 16, 2009

Brighton - most godless city in Britain ...

...and he says it like it is a bad thing !

A priest has declared it his mission to transform "the most Godless city in Britain".

Reverend Archie Coates' comments about Brighton and Hove have prompted a concerned reaction among residents.

He made them following his arrival in the city to head the off-shoot of London's evangelical Holy Trinity Brompton church being set up at St Peter's Church - the landmark building dubbed Brighton's Cathedral – in York Place.

The new parish has been "planted" because St Peter's dwindling congregation could no longer afford to maintain the building. It will hold its first mass on November 1.


He said his church could transform Brighton.

Rev Coates said: "Our vision is not just to fill the church but it's to build in the heart of this city a community and do whatever we can to sow our best years into playing our part in the re-evangelisation of Brighton and transformation of this society."

Somehow I think he has his work cut out, but who knows, you might find Stropps a born again Christian this time next year. Hmm, about as likely as a united left by then.

For those who want to see the team taking on the challenge of shifting Brighton from its godless hedonism , check out this video. Yep, they are down with the kids with their U2ish Christian rock soundtrack that accompanies the happy shiny people , all cheery and bubbling with enthusiasm.

Wonder what the odds are on Brighton corrupting them before they show us the light ? Yep, can see them crawling out of the gay clubs singing I will survive any day soon.