Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Troops to teachers ??

Arghh, what the fuck:

The shadow schools secretary set out a plan at the party's conference in Manchester to sideline local authorities, scrap the curriculum agency, sack the worst headteachers and return to traditional values in the classroom, with pupils expected to wear ties and ex-soldiers imposing discipline.

The state monopoly over schools would be removed, with every school offered the chance to opt out and become an independent academy.

Gove said the best schools would be automatically allowed to break away from local authority control while headteachers at the worst would be sacked and their schools taken over by existing academy sponsors.

He launched an attack on the "educational establishment", claiming it suffered from "defeatism, political correctness and the entrenched culture of dumbing down".

A Conservative government would champion school uniforms, including blazers and ties, setting by ability and traditional subject-based classes, while a new Troops to Teachers programme would be introduced, with former soldiers retraining as teachers, Gove said.

"We'll develop a Troops to Teachers programme to get professionals in the army who know how to train young men and women into the classroom, where they can provide not just discipline but inspiration and leadership," he said.

New shiny caring sharing Tories or same old reactionary bastards?
New Labour same as New Tories ?

Things CAN only get worse .

Hat tip Rory on Facebook.

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