Friday, October 09, 2009

Support Dave Osler !

Those of you who read Dave's blog will be aware he is facing a libel case in November. It has been going on a year and is very stressful and time consuming.

No legal help from the NUJ, though he is a journalist , and only recently a bit of free legal input. As he hasn't got a spare £5-10,000 , he has been doing most of the legal leg work and will be representing himself at a four day libel case .

Now this isn't about whether you agree with his politics, its about the freedom of bloggers. If he loses , and is hit with damages and costs, that affects all you bloggers out there. Oh and it is not just about a blog post, its about what is said in the comments. This will affect you lot .

So get over there , if you haven't already, and show your support.

No attacks on the litigant, don't give her any ammunition to attack Dave.