Thursday, March 04, 2010

Donate Now! Manchester HOPI is Walking for Workers in Iran

Apologies for lack of posts, both myself and Janine not too well at moment.

Apologies also for the delay in posting this, via Facebook :

On March 5th six members of the Hands Off the People of Iran Manchester branch will be walking the Bogle, a fifty six mile walk round Manchester. We are walking to raise money for the charity Workers' Fund Iran, which was set up in December 2005 with the aim to reduce and relieve poverty amongst Iranian workers (both employed and unemployed) who are victims of the economic policies of the Iranian regime, including mass non-payment of wages. The charity is not aligned to any political organisation. Funds sent to Iran will be distributed amongst the most needy working class families who are facing destitution. We hope the funds will stop families sending their children to the streets as beggars or peddlers and selling their body parts, which is a common practice at the moment.

In Iran, hundreds of thousands of workers are being consigned to poverty by the oppressive Iranian state. Practical solidarity is one of the greatest things we can do for Iranian workers; it helps the revolutionary struggle against the Islamic Republic continue. Give generously!

We are hoping to raise over £300 pounds for the charity. You can donate by going to our Charity Choice page. It's a secure and ethical way to donate over the web.

We will keep you all up to date with how much we're raising.

So donate now !!