Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Real Men - Tough Guise by Dr Jackson Katz

Saw Dr Jackson Katz today at a conference on domestic abuse - on the macho paradigm, he asks why is being a man so connected with being violent?

Watch his film called Tough Guise - it's really thought provoking, he doesn't say things that many feminist women haven't said but it's important that men say this.  Talking about men's violence towards women's isn't anti male, it's talking about what happens in our world and we need to ask what we gonna do about it.  He makes the point that men fear violence from other men.

Watch the a film Dr Katz made video here - he is an anti violence educator and has made a series of films about masculinity.

He wants us to challenge how men are taught to be violent - the tough guise is not a good way for men to be and we need to change the media and institutions around us.

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