Wednesday, May 19, 2010

LRC National Committee Backs John McDonnell for leader

Via the LRC website

On Saturday, following the After the Election ... Join the Resistance!meeting, the LRC National Committee voted to back John McDonnell MP for Labour leader. Although John McDonnell has not declared his candidacy, the LRC urges him to stand as the best representative of socialist values within the Party.

The motion passed 22-0 by the National Committee read:

“The LRC endorses John McDonnell as the best candidate in the forthcoming Leadership election”.

We call on MPs to nominate John McDonnell to ensure that this time members and affiliated trade unionists get a proper choice for the next Labour Party leader. We urge LRC members and others to start lobbying Labour MPs to nominate and to pass motions in their CLPs and trade union branches to nominate John McDonnell for Labour leader.

We urge people who have left the Party to rejoin in order to vote for John. It has been confirmed that new members will be eligible to vote in the Labour leadership election.

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