Sunday, May 23, 2010

Stropps goes wild in the country ...

Won't be posting much, if at all, this week.

On a sort Famous Five go wild in Wales with lashings of pop . Except its more a queer version and there is nine of us.

Basically chilling and doing my best to steer clear of the Internet.

Am posting this in glorious sunshine , next to a stream , eating yummy Biscuits homemade by our Southern Belle Gregg,and fresh coffee.

We even have a sauna and Gerard has brought his 'pouf box' full of lotions and potions .

But standards are maintained , red lippy and a big seventies sunhat and shades at all times :-)

Yep, a little bit of Camptown in the middle of Wales, only queers for miles :-)

Will read a book, have a walk, glass of wine and ignore the bickering's of the left for a week . Unlike the boys though, will keep my clothes on ! I think sunburn on certain sensitive parts of the body would not be good!

Hopefully fellow bloggers will post, if not chat amongst yourselves ...

Pic , Famous Five as pics of naked gay men on river banks bit much even for this blog !