Sunday, June 27, 2010

All in it together, all making sacrifices and curbing our spending ...err no

Seems the Tory faithful are splashing the cash , no sign of belt tightening there or having to put on an extra woolly at this bash:

David Cameron and his rich Tory chums will toast the bloodbath Budget hammering the poor at a lavish champagne party where the CHEAPEST ticket costs £450.

The ConDem PM and his Chancellor George Osborne will be the star turns at the glitzy ball, which was last night angrily condemned by Labour MPs.

It will be held at an exclusive London venue days after Osborne delivered his “austerity” Budget, which hits low-earners hardest – and hands a business tax cut to the fatcats on the guest list.

Organisers have lined up 432 bottles of champagne – more than one each for the 400 guests, who will include City financiers and Tory donors. The event is expected to raise more than £1million for Conservative party funds.


Senior Labour MP Tom Watson last night attacked Mr Osborne for failing to live up to his pre-Budget promise that “we are all in this together.”

Mr Watson said: “I can’t imagine there will be any worried pensioners or frightened families at this event. Clearly, we are not all in this together.

“Holding this lavish ball days after the toughest measures in any Budget ever just shows the breathtaking arrogance of the Tories.”

Many of the high-rollers at the event will be wealthy donors from City hedge funds and investment banks – blamed by many experts for sparking financial meltdown and driving us into recession.


Rich Tory backers can buy one ticket for an eye-watering £450, pay £4,500 for a table for 10, buy a “benefactor” ticket at £1,000 or blow £10,000 for a de luxe table for ten.

Still, don't say you weren't warned that they will look after their own , time to re-watch this excellent video:

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