Monday, July 19, 2010

Can there be non exploitative feminist porn, that isn't dull dull dull?

I'm planning to write a blog post on whether porn is always a very bad thing in terms of a feminist perspective . I want to do some research first (serious, so no smutty giggles).

Of course when people hear the word porn they assume the heterosexual variety, and that tends to be where feminism directs it's criticism. But what of Gay and Lesbian and generally more queer friendly porn? Can heterosexual porn learn from that ?

I'm curious if there is any feminist analysis, preferably online, of gay and lesbian porn? Is it stilled viewed as oppressive, stereotyped and exploitative ?

As a feminist I don't think porn as such is in itself always exploitative and I believe it is possible to create it where is appeals to women , those of us who are not into costume drama and Mr Darcy fantasies . Porn that isn't so PC that it is just plain dull .

Is porn the same as erotica , or is that just a nice posh word for it , as long as its 'foreign ?'

Anyway, these are some thoughts. I would really welcome links to useful writings on this subject .

Pic from the film Bound, not porn, but some hot scenes in it.