Monday, August 09, 2010

Respect homophobia, sexism and child abusers ???? Nope.


There is a head of state visiting, socialists, LGBT people, feminists , what do you do?

He heads up a political party and state :

- Where the leader is elected by a small group of men.For life.
- No woman can hold office.
- LGBT people are seen as bad and made to feel shame. They often have to pretend to be heterosexual , marry or else risk censure.
- Members of the Party have abused children entrusted to their care. Years of cover up, where the interests of secrecy and the adults take precedence over victims , have ensued . Continual pressure from victims groups have eventually lead to an apology, but the Party likes to portray itself as the victim.
- To allow a woman to be an officer is seen as on a par with abuse, they are clearly second class citizens.
-The leader and his representatives go to Africa and push unscientific twaddle, that condoms can lead to aids, exasperating a bad situation.
- Representatives push in other countries, such as Nicaragua, for all abortion to be illegal, even if the mothers life is a risk. Woman then face backstreet abortions and death. Cancer treatment is even withheld in case the foetus is harmed. Woman again, second class citizens.
- In other countries, representatives push for divorce to be illegal , often trapping women in abusive marriages .

This Party is homophobic, has a very poor track record on the physical and sexual abuse of children and does not women to have control of their own bodies. It wants to have laws across the world that will impose its beliefs and make woman suffer.

So, what should the response of Socialists, LGBT people, feminists be ? Protest !!

Ahhhh, yep we do that when a nasty Head of State visits . BUT , change political party for religion . Hmm, what difference does that make I hear you ask? Well it seems rather a lot , for example we should welcome the pope .

We must respect their views .Not be strident .Not protest.

Ahh, but do they respect our views? Do they not consider women who have abortions as sinful and murderers ? What about their supporters who scream at women going into clinic?

I believe in a secular society, freedom of religion and none. Freedom of speech , both ways. Freedom to protest abhorrent views. I believe in solidarity with woman fighting to control their bodies, access to birth control , scientific sexual health education, equality of women and LGBT people.

A religious belief is a belief just like a political ,personal or ethical one, Why should a large wealthy organisation , run by men, be privileged , not be offended and be respected?

A religious belief is just that, one amongst many beliefs. All need to be argued for, all are open to criticism, mockery, argument, debate and offence . As a socialist and feminist I expect that of my views, I know I have to defend and argue and be accountable. same goes for religion.

I'm sure the Catholic Church can stand a bit of debate and protest. My views are open to debate,protest and argument, why not theirs?