Sunday, July 25, 2010

More golden handshakes

David Cameron tells us that "we are all in this together". Bullshit.

If proof were needed, here is yet another story of how some people are still doing very nicely thank you very much while the rest of us face benefit cuts, wage freezes and decimation of public services.

And once again - hot on the heels of Iain Coucher's departure from Network Rail - it's a former publicly-owned industry that is handing out the handshakes.

If this doesn't get your blood boiling, then you are probably lost to any kind of progressive politics.

NATS directors depart with £million pay packages

Two directors of the air traffic control group NATS flew off into the sunset with £million pay and benefits packages, the companys latest accounts reveal.

Paul Barron stood down as chief executive at the end of the financial year — 31 March 2010. His final pay and benefits package came to just over £2 million. His basic salary was £672,000 on top of which he received a £931,000 bonus and £50,000 worth of benefits. In May 2010, Barrons final year bonus of £274,000 was paid making a total of £1,927,000 — a 158% increase on the £747,000 he received in 2009.

Lawrence Hoskins retired at the end of the financial year with a total pay and benefits package of £1.29 million — a 143% increase.