Friday, February 08, 2008

Pro choice demo, female genital mutilation, the left and why I sometimes would like to be a cat ...

This week I have felt unwell and sorry for myself. Most of it has been spent on the sofa with a duvet, a book and my cats . Im not good at being ill, so am best left alone .

Because of being unwell I didnt get to the pro choice demo. I really wanted to, I had a little dry run by going out to the shops (starved out as no food left in the flat),this made me realise that a train journey and a demo was going to be all too much.

It does sound like it was a good demo and there are a number of reports here, here, here and here .

I hope the rest go as well.

Now my genteel last few days of reading, feeling sorry for myself and the odd game of Facebook Scrabble today ended with me almost burning down my kitchen. Regular readers will know im not always safe in the kitchen. Today I decided to make porridge, mainly because that was all I could find to eat for breakfast, popped it on the hob and pootled over to my computer. I went on to Dave's site and managed to get so annoyed that I forgot about the porridge , even when I could smell burning I sort of thought it was someone else in my building. Anyway, disaster was averted with lots of open windows.

If you want to see what annoyed me pop over to this post . I won't regurgitate my arguments here except to say I am pretty disgusted that I have to explain why female genital mutiliation is not a good thing to lefties !

This is why I sometimes think it might be nice to be a cat. A much simpler life , although not for all when some humans are such cruel fuckwits.
Here is a pic of my two rescue cats lazing around . I wonder if they ever ponder why the left is fucked...