Tuesday, June 24, 2008

London Underground Cleaners Strike

Janine I'm sure would normally post on this, but as she is away i'll give a plug to the strike and action to support it.

Info via a Face book group:

On 26 June and 1-2 July, more than 700 cleaners on London Underground, organised in the RMT union, will be going on strike for

- At least £7.20 per hour, the minimum London living wage set by the GLA last year;
- Full sick pay;
- Final Salary Pensions;
- 28 days annual leave plus bank holidays (at the moment some cleaners only two weeks);
- Free travel;
- An end to third party sackings - this is the practice of cleaners being dismissed with no disciplinary hearing or right of appeal at the order of parties other than the employer.

The comrades voted for a strike by over 99%!

These low-paid, mainly migrant workers are organising alongside other workers on the Tube to take on the London Underground bosses and the multinational cowboy contractors they hire. They are an inspiration to all workers and activists fighting back against exploitation and oppression.

RMT members are planning meetings, demos, leafleting and other activities to support the strike.

What you can do:

- Get involved in this activity, leafleting etc;
- Come to a picket line, and if you can bring a delegation from your union branch, workplace, SU, campaigning group etc;
- Invite a speaker to your organisation;
- Make a donation to the strike fund (details soon);
- Send a solidarity message to

If you want to do any of this, or help out in some other way email

For more information, see the Tubeworker blog, run by socialist activists in the RMT